Cut-N-Shoot Studios

For the last 35 years I have had a love affair with content creation. It all started in elementary school when I was able to get my hands on a video camera! Now mind you this was 1980ish and this thing was bigger than I was! I shot everything they would let me.  For the rest of school I would take every chance I could get… be it stills with an instamatic 110 or any video camera I could get my hands on.
One has to start somewhere in life, so off to the Army I go! During my time of enlistment I served in ground combat operations during Desert Storm and duty stations in the European theater.
 After returning home I enrolled in communication classes and took any side gig I could get, everything from D.J. gigs, photography, videos and just about anything you can think of!
After schooling, I started off in small market television and worked with a whole bunch of great folks and learned a great deal. After several years I found myself leaning towards the engineering side of things. So, for the next 15 years I spent doing everything from AM transmitter site rehab, Disaster recovery after hurricanes to new radio and television station build outs. During this time I maintained up to 5 FM, 3 AM and a television station in a top 10 market.
So, what do you do with 35+ years of experience in the business? 
You roll it all up into a company that provides high quality content for any need!
From the quick update on what your band is up to for your YouTube channel, a video campaign to impact a community or a full out music video. No matter your business we can help define your message!
At no other time has it been so important to make the message you send out to the world be the best it can be! Sure you can use a cell phone and post something yourself but come on! Isn’t it better to put your best foot forward to the masses you wish to capture the attention of.
“Over the last three plus decades I have worked in nearly every aspect of the communications business and have created content from print to radio, television and film. Everybody from mom and pop shops to international celebrities.”
A video campaign should be used to enhance your current marketing strategies. In the current online and social media marketing environment, video is the most compelling tool at your disposal. It gives you the ability to quickly grab the attention of the ever-scrolling potential customer that you are trying to target.

Professional Achievements

2019 Small Business of the Year-Awarded by 
Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce

Elected Board member of the Tourist Advisory Counsel

Cut-N-Shoot Studios is 100% Veteran owned and operated

Collaborated with the Woodlands and Conroe/Chamber of Commerce, and produced a video campaign in regard to a bond referendum. 

Winner of Addy and Telly Awards

Production for Artist Studio Access

Location Sound, and DIT for a feature filmed at John Schneider Studios with Maven Entertainment-4:GO

Provided Production/Photography/Engineering/Audio and Sound Support for various projects,across the USA (large and small).
 A sample of my client list includes, MTV, TLC, National Safety Council, Maven Entertainment, John Schneider Studios, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Frasatti Catholic School, Saint Andrews Bay Center, Various Concerts, Local and Community talent, Radio and TV events. The list goes on….

Freelance Producer/Engineer for Speed Video

      “ I am very fortunate to have met some very cool people, from all walks of life, some famous, some infamous, All good folks!”

           Involved with various community activities
Including LoneStar Throwdown, Veterans activities, local 4-H.